Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Isn't it time for Fidel to die?

That murderous ass Fidel is still alive with his thumb on the neck of his failing country.

He's about 80 now and no one has managed to slip a fatal mickey into his orange juice, but I know God's got plans for him. heh heh.

Here's another one he's going to murder. All over internet access. THAT is the left for you. Their ideas can't stand the sunlight.

Starving for truth


Blogger kevinwillis.net said...

Fidel isn't so bad, compared to, say, the wholesale murder overseen by every other communist leader to tyrannize the 20th century. Although perhaps that explains why the press and the entertainment establishment don’t always seem to fawn over Fidel as much as they have Stalin, Kruschev, Mao, the North Vietnamese (at various times, if not at this particular moment in history), and others (including Che Guevera, as he actually got his hands bloody and oversaw all sorts of brutal atrocities while Fidel just pontificated).

Ah, but, there’s no getting around it. The left loves the affable old Cuban uncle who completely wrecked a prosperous and, at the time, growing economy, destroyed all economic productivity, almost started World War III, and now entertains himself by imprisoning dissidents and rounding up homosexuals in concentration camps. You know, for the common good.

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