Monday, November 03, 2008

Looking forward to Skyrocketing Energy Prices

Obama wants our energy prices to skyrocket. It'll force us to conserve. He also wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Because coal is dirty.

Awesome! Add that to raising taxes on anyone making more than $250k--um, I mean $200k. I mean, ah, $150k. Did I say $150k? I meant $120k. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, add that to raising taxes on anyone making more than $50k a year, and this guy just keeps getting better and better.
Our country has lost its collective mind. Seriously. Even if the polls are wrong, that there are enough people out there to let so many polls show such support for a 60s radical whose politics make George McGovern look like more Joe Leiberman . . . something has changed. And not for the better.
I sure hope it changes back. As soon as possible.
Ah, well. See you tomorrow, at the only poll that really counts.
Vote Palin/McCain!

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Blogger Walker said...

I picked up our pickup truck at the shop today. Plunked down a credit card for the $906 bill. While waiting, I chatted with the owner. He's one of the 8 percent undecided. Said, he knew BO's tax policies would probably put him out of business. Said he couldn't buy health insurance for his employees. Said he might vote for... what's his name? ... Nader.

I almost fainted.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

People do not pay attention. People don't ground themselves in history. There are some libs that do pay attention and are grounded in history, but not many. I don't think any undecideds pay much attention, or have any real historical perspective--otherwise, they wouldn't be undecided. Either you are in favor of socialism or you aren't.

6:04 AM  

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