Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why does this seem so obvious to people?

"If you don't believe in global warming, you are actually saying that SIX BILLION PEOPLE couldn't warm the planet!"

Cough. Yes. That is, yes, I do not believe SIX BILLION people can warm the planet.

Why do I keep seeing this argument from the credulous global warming crowd? I suspect that it is a lower-level argument aimed at the gullible who have no idea how large the earth is or how ancient. These are the same people who think THREE TRILLION is nothing in the federal budget, but think SIX BILLION people are unsustainable on the earth.

I suspect that argument resonates with liberals who check their horoscope regularly, love buddhism, can't do their own 1040-EZ, wonder why we haven't colonized Mars, and go around opining that, according to evolution, the giraffe's long neck was designed to reach high branches of trees.


Blogger said...

I actually believe that 600 billion people could warm the planet. Call me when we get there.

Amazingly, given East Anglia and the discrediting of the IPCC report, nothing changes the narrative for liberals. Global warming is a fact, anyone who denies it is retarded (as Rahm Emanuel might say). Global warming is real. Shut up.

Check out some of my fine comments on that particular article.

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