Friday, March 03, 2006

Change for the worse

Click on the photo for a better look

This fancy caterpillar with the cool skirt and orange stripes becomes the plain jane Milkweed Tiger Moth -- a more boring creature you will never see. The moth is a small, white, unremarkable creature, but it puts on a big show early on. Reminds me of Joe Biden.

Sad Sparrow

My old dog, Chica, is at the vet today getting her tail docked. The groomer found a golf-ball size tumor on her tail. She's a shaggy old girl. Anyway, I invited her friends -- the Cook boys from down the street -- over to see her yesterday and we all went for a walk in the woods.

Seems like whenever I do not bring a camera, I always see something unusual. This time I saw a sparrow hanging off a branch of wild rose. On further inspection, the sparrow, which was still warm -- it must have just happened --, was hanging by its eye off a really large thorn. We were sorry to see that. I have a nice big flock of sparrow in my woods and they are like old friends.


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