Thursday, March 30, 2006

He has a point

Catholic League president Bill Donohue wonders in his latest press release if you've ever seen 500 Christian priests and ministers gather in a church and call for the execution of a man who abandoned Christianity.


Blogger said...

This wouldn't be happening if Bush hadn't declared war on Afghanistan, and then bombed innocent civilians and installed puppet "presidents" in exchange for oil, money, and big, fat cigars.

As long as it remains unacceptable to condemn the archaic practice of Islamic law in modern times (the way the American left condemns the Ten Commandments, for example), Islamofascists and nihlists will continue to grow in their open brutality and cruelty.

Our immediate response should have been: "Not just no, but hell no. Do we have to send the marines in again, guys?"

12:55 AM  

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