Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I like my day job. And it's a good thing.

The Internet has created an entire new category of publishers -- the ME Publishers, bloggers and myspacers who, each day, tell you everything you ever wanted to know -- and way more -- about their lives and interests.

Today there are so many people, in so many places blogging, no one knows just how many there are. The Blog Herald estimates there are 100 million, give or take 40 million. Technorati, a blog news service, says it tracks content on 34 million blogs.

Advertising, as ever, has not been far behind the blog revolution. Thanks to Google Adsense, and others, ME Publishers can have ads on their blogs. Each click on an ad, gives them a tiny profit.

But they are not getting rich. Not yet, anyway.

According to PQ Media, the combined advertising spending on blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds totaled $20.4 million in 2005 and will grow to $49.8 million in 2006.Advertising sold by blogs and podcasts streaked upward in 2005 by an incredible 198.4 person and will rise ANOTHER 144.9 percent in 2006.

PQ Media advertises itself as the worlds only provider of alternative advertisng and marketing research.

That means, depending on how many blogs there are, the average blogger makes from 60 cents per year to $1.60 per year in advertising revenues.

Thanks for the info, Newsosaur!


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Yep, the ads just clutter up the blog and aren't worth it.

7:32 PM  

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