Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stray mother dog

There is a stray, hungry dog around here that has recently had puppies. She looks like a full blooded, brindle boxer to me. She's wearing a choke chain. I've put food out for her, hoping she will at least have a good meal.

I've had mixed results adopting stray dogs. Since they are frequently abandoned here, I've had a lot of chances.

Here is just a sampling of my white trash stray dog adventures. I am down to three dogs laying all over the porch now but time was there were five.

Notable good dogs were:
Cheeks, still have her, very bushy coat and sweet as can be. Once got hit by a car. My favorite dog.

K-May, beagle mix. Loved her, but couldn't keep her in the fence. Came home and found her dead in the street.

Minnie, she was pregnant, this is a pattern. Assholes don't take care of their dog then dump her when she gets pregnant. Good girl, though. Loved her.

Murf, came to me pregnant. Great dog. Looked like a boxer/dalmation mix. All spotted. She was kiled by Minnie! That was a sad day.

Reggie, adorable little tiny dog with lots of hair. Little F*ker bit me like six times before I put him down. That was before I married Mark Wayne who wouldn't have put up with it, he says and I believe him.

Bad and good:
I loved Reese who I had to put down because she got out and bit runners. I almost can't think about her. Sigh.


Blogger white trash republican said...

I'm a sucker for strays, too. But I've had to hardened my heart sometimes, we can't save 'em all. I'm really big on 'fixing', a rather novel concept here in the boonies apparently.
My all time best doggies were Doug the Slug, Steve-o, Ben and currently Dennis the Menace, who is a curious mix of lab, chow and pit-the lab in him has seemed to have balanced out the inherent psychosis of the other 2 breeds. He is just about the most best dog and pal I have ever had.

I believe a good judge of character is how one treats their dogs, whether they actually be 'ours' or not. The folks who just dump critters infuriate me to no end.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Glad I popped over. I used to have 6 rescued orphan dogs - down to four.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

I love dogs too, and people were dumping them constantly on the road in front of my house, so I wrote an article to the local paper which was broadcast over the local radio-station and wound up being televised on the local news channel. I must tell you I lied in the article.

To paraphrase the article, the gist of it was this:

When you have a pet and can no longer care for it, it is inhumane to just dump it along a road. There's a good chance it will be killed by a car. And I realize some people think "these people are farmers. They won't mind taking care of another dog." Well, we do mind. Do you know what happens to most stray dogs that you dump off if they aren't killed by a car. We shoot them! Yes, we do. They will kill our chickens, and many stray dogs join a "pack" and become dangerous."

The letter was much longer than the above, of course, and no I don't shoot the strays. When I wrote that I had two strays, and they are both wonderful dogs. I still have them. I don't have chickens either, but many farmers do, and many farmers do shoot stray dogs, so it wasn't a really bad lie.

I haven't had a stray dropped off here since I wrote the article, which was two years ago! :)

10:59 AM  

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