Monday, February 12, 2007

Least believable quote of the year

"I am humbled." -- Natalie Maines.

No, I wouldn't say you are humbled. I'd say you are smug.

And, by the way, I wouldn't say you are vindicated either, as the liberal press does.

No, I'd say, the only thing humble about Natalie Maines is her album sales, leaving still unanswered the question of whether it is possible to be both overtly anti-American and a country music superstar.

Now there is no doubt that the liberals will TREAT her as a superstar and that is obviously very satisfying. There is no doubt that lots of liberals will run out and buy token copies of her CDs. And that is satisfying, though not especially enriching.

It is still to be seen as to whether she can be the liberals' monkey and still last in country music, even after she is not the treat of the week. Hmmmm. I bet not. But we'll see.



Blogger BB-Idaho said...

The media genre that brought us
"Dropkick me Jesus, through the goalposts of life" appears to have its own PC constructs. I haven't read 'Rednecks and Bluenecks: The Politics of Country Music', other than the short review "The big question though is how country music, which was once the province of the little guy, became the house music for the GOP?" over at
Nor do I intend to, the subject is
just too ludicrous: at the simplest level, famous people can say what they want, and the unfamous can boycott. *Yawn*

11:23 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

The little guy is the GOP. It's the only refuge for the little guy.

Indeed, no organization at any level and at any time is so relentlessly elitist as the liberal power structure of the United States of America.

Liberal elites hate everything about the little guy: His interests, style, language, behavior, and, most sincerely, his music.

Every policy proposed by the Liberal Elites is aimed at reining in the "little guy", narrowing his choices and income.

The simplest example is the continuing attempt to take the car away from the little guy. Private transportation is something liberal elites want preserved for themselves and all their petty causes. All others should take the bus.

No wonder the GOP and the little guy and country music are friends.

But, by the way, BB, I don't want to encourage you to come to this blog. I simply don't like liberals like you. You've caused enough trouble for me and my family. You have nothing original to contribute and I just don't care to hear what you have to say. So if you don't mind, please do not visit. Thanks in advance.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

It took me awhile to figure out who Valerie Mange was.

I listen to CW everyday at work - in the background and yet I rarely know who sings the stuff...unless I hear the credits.

(Ps. I was humming along with you.)

10:35 PM  
Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

Conservatism is the refuge for the little guy. The GOP is simply less harmful, most of the time, than the Democrats. And there are some fine, rock-ribbed Reagan conservatives in the Republican party. But they lost, in part, due to their sucking up to the Washington D.C. elite, trying to be moderates or mavericks for favorable press coverage, and moistening their fingers and figuring which way the wind was blowing and then voting for the war before they voted against it.

I'm underwhelmed by the conservatism of the Republican, and I only voted a straight Republican ticket this last time because the Democrats are so terribly awful, and so hostile to the only things that give the little guy a chance--the free market, liberty, freedom of speech, etc--that I have to vote against them. Although the Republicans hold little charm for me.

As far as why little guys and country music are friends, it's music that usually honors a belief in a higher power, specifically the God of the Bible, rather than belittling them for it. It values and honors their love of family, rather than ridiculing it. It affirms that there is something wonderful about having a good life with a loving family, of raising your kids and working 9-to-5 and being a stay-at-home mom, rather than telling them they are bad and stupid for not being doctors, lawyers, groupies, or rock stars. It suggests there are consequences for bad behavior, for infidelity, for lying and cheating, even for flying off the handle and losing your temper. It's also revels in traditional womanhood and manhood. It's filled with strong women who like to be feminine, who like to love and be loved, who embrace motherhood, and men who embrace being men, of being strong, of being stoic, of fighting the good fight, and sacrificing everything for family and country. While it's no wonder the little guy likes country music, it should be even more obvious why liberals hate it. Didn't these rubes see the counter-culture of the 60s? Don't they know we should all be embracing socialism, abandoning the nuclear family, smashing monogamy and having the government raise our kids and administer our healthcare?

2:14 PM  
Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

Oh, and my full analysis of the Dixie Chicks scandal is here. I also discuss country music some more. Have a great day, Walker! And give my best to Texas Ranger.

2:18 PM  

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