Saturday, August 18, 2007

My pool boys

This photo sums up Woods Walker's best friend. Note the hat with his favorite artist and the coozy with his favorite team holding his favorite weekend beverage. Don't get any better than that.

Below, my Snickeroony who has yet to get in touch with his labrador water genes. He's in touch with the retriever part. But the water part? That would be a negative.


Blogger Pamela said...

the dog can read....

1:17 AM  
Blogger Fish-2 said...

Looks like one of those "Tough job but somebody's gotta do it" type moments.

I like one of those cold beers from time to time. We'll sit on the back porch and talk with a beer or two on warm days. Real pleasant. Our problem is, this is a dry county. It's 120 mile round trip just to get legal beer.

8:01 AM  

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