Tuesday, October 09, 2007

B Hussein Obama's kingdom (of his) on earth

You know the problem with B Hussein Obama's wish to establish a kingdom (of his) on earth and the liberal's deep desire to save the poor, is that it can't be done. We've tried now for 60 years to save the poor and what we have is more, deeply established, poor.

You can pump billions of dollars into 'poor folks' and there are just a set of people out there who will do anything to stay destitute. In fact, if you gave them NOTHING they would be just as poor as if you gave them something, but the difference is that if you gave them nothing, fewer would be drug addicts because it would just take too much effort.

They are the people who are the 'ravers' of this society (for those of you who catch the movie reference.) No matter what you do, they will hurt themselves and others and they will raise children who populate the jails (if you are lucky.)

You've got another set of folks out there who will live up to the standards you pay for but they'll never do anything more. They'll take the low-cost housing, food credit cards, utility reductions, mentoring programs for a little night out, welfare or disability payments for spending money, the 'child credit' tax giveaway will buy them a car once a year, medicaid will pick up the hospital bills and they'll always go directly to the emergency room for the slightest sniffle. They will all raise kids that do exactly as they do. Their boys will father children out of wedlock and live off their women and girls will start early producing kids who live off the state. And all the time the liberals will be whining about taking care of the poor when, in fact, we are all throwing a fortune at the little bastards now.

I say let's save some money and tell them: We'll give you all $50,000 and then we will give you nothing else. Go kill yourself. (I would be willing to bet that half of them would buy a new car and then complain about the oil companies.)

I'm sick of the poor. I'm interested in the workers, the producers. I'm interested in people who hit the door every freaking day and go do something useful. Don't tell me about the poor any more.


Blogger hoosierboy said...

yes yes yes

9:54 AM  
Blogger kevinwillis.net said...

What poor? Are you daft, woman?

The poverty line has to be raised in order for their to be poor. New immigrants, even illegals, without property or savings have to be included, without being called out, to maintain the level of "poverty" America supposedly has. What's more, government benefits aren't counted as income in the calculation of poverty statistics, so the "success" of redistributing wealth to reduce poverty can't even be measured--because we don't count the redistributed wealth as income, when calculating poverty statistics.

Furthermore, poverty statistics fail to include "churn" in the ranks of the poor. Lots of people are "poor" when they are starting out in life. Immigrants are almost always "poor" when they arrive here. Many people lose jobs, declare bankruptcy, and are "poor" for a time--but they don't remain that way. The dirty little secret is that calculating the poverty rate in this country is like calculating the sleeping rate--it's meaningless because 50% of the people who are poor this year won't be "poor" next year, 80% of them won't be poor in 10 years. Most people who are asleep wake up the next morning--they aren't in a coma. Most people who are poor aren't going to be poor in a few years time. Most people who are chronically poor wouldn't be poor, either, if their benefits were calculated as income. Excluding the mentally ill homeless (whom liberals evicted from admittedly less than wholesome institutions in the 60s), there are really no poor people in this country. Some folks who, for a time, don't have any money . . . but there ain't nobody who is 1930s dust-bowl Irish potato famine poor.

What's the biggest health problem among America's poor? Obesity! That says it all.

3:33 PM  
Blogger kevinwillis.net said...

BTW, I disagree that there is nothing society can do to help the poor and irresponsible. The first thing would be to eliminate political correctness. The second, eliminate social promotion in schools. The 3rd, something like mandatory military service for folks who don't graduate high school. 4th, eliminate victimology--create a culture that frowns upon victimhood and excuses. 5th, put a time limitation on all government benefits, pay more or extend benefits for folks who get a job, pay more to married couples, but don't calculate children into the equation at all. That would cure most of the two-car/microwave/color-tv/morbidly obese poverty America suffers from right there.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

I was poor when I first started out. Didn't have a pot to piss in, so-to-speak! Never took a handout either. Never! Did something called "work" that many people are allergic to these days. Funny, but somehow I just instinctively knew you could't start at the top but had to work your way up. That's become an old-fashioned concept. Shame.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL! I meant to write "couldn't"! Excuse me. I've been watching too many of those Redneck videos. :)

11:56 AM  

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