Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Man having a child?

Here is a story manufactured by political correctness.

To call this person a 'man' makes the story. But she's not a man. Oh, and neither are any of the poor souls allowed, by virtue of politically correct 'science', to indulge their morbid psychological illnesses. If all 'transgenders' had as much money as Michael Jackson, we'd see all sorts of ghastly twists on their fantasies and fears. Thank God we haven't yet made this sort of thing free.

Odd that the article runs in The Advocate. If the mother here is really a man married to a woman, isn't she therefore heterosexual? I think the truth is implicit in the context. The woman is a woman 'married' to a woman. She's a homosexual, with some twists on that sexual fantasy.

By the way, in the story linked above, don't miss the quote by the only sane person in the article: The brother.


Blogger said...

Yeah, I bet the brother didn't say that the child would be a monster. He probably said something more accurate: that your child will have a rotten life being raised by selfish, self-centered quasi-parents, and will be treated like a monster. Who really wants to be the kid whose dad gave birth to her?

The effort to "smash monogomy" (the old 60s catchphrase) and deconstruct the nuclear family, and eventually normalize (and even make heroic) every potential human indulgence and perversion continues unabated.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Abouna said...

Just more Liberal lunacy B.S. If that jerk was born a woman and has the inside works of a woman, then she is a woman. I don't give two shakes of a rat's ass what the law says, that lesbian moron is still a woman. As much as I hate to say it, I feel that the child would be better off being put up for adoption or to be "still born". If the child is allowed to remain in that screwed up family, she will only grow up with all sorts of mental and emotional issues, and probably perpetuate that sort of liberal crap that is ruining America.

12:41 PM  

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