Friday, March 21, 2008

Speaking as a typical white person...

Whites have a bad habit. We say nothing about blacks and this is supposed to prove we aren't racist. And, if anyone says anything critical in any way about blacks, then both blacks and white instantly claim the critic is racist.

This does nothing to advance the cause of truth.

So here are some things I typically think about typical blacks:

1. Blacks in a group at movies are typically rude and loud.

The last time this happened to me in a movie was the last time I went to a movie. I didn't stay because the blacks made it impossible to hear the movie. My opinion was that they did this to intentionally make whites uncomfortable. A kind of urban terrorism, with an implied threat of violence.

The white value: Be quiet and respectful of others while in a movie.

You also see this bad behavior by blacks at our local schools. Black students line up in the local high school and block the way of white students. They will surround weak looking white students and harass them. They will jeer white students as they pass. And all this is allowed by the school.

2. Blacks in a group are typically hostile and surly.

Observe a group of blacks at a restaurant and notice how belligerent they are to the server. It can range from passive aggressive silence when the server speaks to them to outright rudeness.

The white value: Be pleasant to people who are trying to serve you.

3. Blacks alone or in a group typically will hollar racism if they don't get what they want from the most trivial thing to the most important.

I had a black employee who wanted to get unemployment and the best way was to hollar racism.On his first day at work, he put a dead rat in the toilet and said it was because someone hated him. It was downhill from there.

The white value: Be prepared for roadblocks. They aren't an excuse for failure.

Oh, and the corollary to number 3:
3a. Blacks refuse to do anything useful until the entire society is stripped of every vestige of racism.

The white value: Someone is always going to hate you. Move on.

4. Blacks have typically not earned their positions, but instead have been promoted by affirmative action.
I have my story about this. You have your story. Everyone knows it. Affirmative Action means black before white. Simple as that. But the interesting thing is that it backfires. Whites have to be better and more skilled to get promoted. Blacks don't have to work as hard. So it simply gives blacks the reputation of getting something without the qualifications (which they do) .

The white value: Work hard.

5. Blacks are typically more interested in sports than in academics.
And I might point out that, by virtue of point number 4, they don't have to be interested in academics. In the 1960s, white liberals decided to buy blacks off with entitlements to give them a free ride in America. The ones who didn't decide to go the entitlement route, now skate through Affirmative Action. They don't have to be interested in academics.

Indeed, black culture seems radically ANTI-intellectual, ANTI-study, ANTI-academics. Interestingly this stupid value, still doesn't prevent those who want to advance from advancing because of Affirmative Action.

The white value: Study.

6. Black people are typically more ready than whites to become violent and when they get into groups that is exactly what they do.

Witness, for example, Black Expo in Indianapolis -- A three day exercise in black bad behavior.

The white value: Don't become violent.

Another thing about blacks that no one seems to mention:

I don't believe there is a white family in America that doesn't have black relatives (or vice versa). Go to Wal-Mart. You'll see the races have pretty much mixed. And the truth is that like BO, most of our relatives are just as much white as black.

When we raise mixed-race children as whites, they should learn to call themselves white. Our values are more intelligent, and loving and our culture more civil than black culture.


Blogger Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Ohhh my jae!!! You are naughty naughty!! LOL

I think this blog post can be considered a hate crime...punishable by death in many states, no? ;)

8:12 AM  
Blogger Fish-2 said...

I have had the pleasure of many black friends over the years, but they were all of the older generation. The ones that grew up before equal rights and took their eductaions seriously. But I can see where each and every point you've made describes too large a proportion of the younger blacks today. I worked with a younger black man that was constantly harping about "you people" or "whitey". One day I told him he was the most predjudiced person I'd met in years. He got this funny look on his face and said "I can't be predjudiced, I'm black". He was serious. I told him to look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary. He was a poor worker, but made the mistake of telling the owner of the company that he couldn't fire him because of a whole list of reasons, so he fired him.

8:42 PM  
Blogger said...

There are black people who are genetically black, then there is the overall black culture. Two different things, and Thomas Sowell makes an excellent argument that contemporary ghetto culture is actually the legacy of the redneck cracker culture of the ante-bellum south (and he makes a really good argument for that: read Black Rednecks and White Liberals).

Still, the overall culture began to actively hold the southern redneck culture of laziness, surliness, indolence, lustfulness and so on to a higher standard and, in the 21st century, "ghetto culture" caucasions are a minority (and most of them are absorbing the culture back from contemporary ghetto culture). The larger culture does not hold people of a certain skin color to a higher standard--and, unsurprisingly, those folks sink. I don't know that much is going to change, though.

At least, it won't change until a lot more white and black liberal elites find themselves confronting ghetto culture in their own backyards. The advantage liberal elites have in encouraging government programs, and a victim attitude, for pitied minorities is that they never have to experience the slums and poverty the condemn those folks to--and they don't have to go to school with the product of that belligerent victim culture, or go to the movies (they have their own theaters) or shop with them or so on . . . When those crows come home to roost (and they will; we might not see it, but they always do) . . . only then will things change.

Sad how many productive lives have to be wasted to make liberals feel good about themselves.

PS: Referring to Thomas Sowell again: he makes the point frequently, always unrederessed by liberal do-gooders, that black incomes had went up more in the years before affirmative action than after it. Rates of marriage were higher, out-of-wedlock births were lower. Not only that, the statistics had been improving, and after each liberal effort to improve the "plight" of African-Americans via federal legislation and wealth redistribution, things got worse. That is: black folks were doing a find job of improving their lives and education and so on before white liberals interfered. Much of what white folks resent about "black" or ghetto culture today is, ironically, the fault of white people. Of the liberal, left-leaning kinds.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

Kevin, I have no doubt you are correct that white liberals are responsible for black ghetto culture. We ALL know the exceptions to every 'typical black' or 'typical white' discussion. (However, as long as Osama Obama can talk about typical whites, I'll talk about typical blacks. In a way, that's a good thing.)

But I would disagree with Thomas Sowell that white cracker culture is the same as (or even the predecessor of) black ghetto culture. I don't think any culture in the history of mankind is as insipid, immoral, and simply as rotten to the core as black ghetto culture. It has nothing redeeming about it, unlike so-called cracker culture, which spawned shining religious and social movements and which produced people who fought and died for this country through WWII.

Ghetto culture is vapidly acquisitive, instinctively immoral, profoundly hostile to the larger culture, and at once both narcissistic and masochistic. Unlike cracker culture, ghetto culture will never produce battlefield heroes. The best it can produce are pimps and Rev. Wright, but I repeat myself.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Walker1 said...

My my the sterotypes are sprouting all over. lol

11:59 AM  
Blogger said...

To clarify, Sowell does some data mining to define white cracker culture--the religious and social movements you referred to were not, in his opinion (backed by good research) things created by the white cracker culture, but the things that cleaned up, reformed, and displaced white cracker culture--the white crackers weren't evangelicals or educated Europeans who embraced Western enlightment (unlike modern day white Europeans who condemn Western enlightment, or pervert it), they were challenged and reformed by them. The missing element regarding ghetto culture so far is that the larger culture does not attempt seriously to challenge or reform ghetto culture.

Of course, at the time there was no national political interest in preserving cracker culture (the way there is for modern day ghetto culture), nor was there a giant entertainment-media machine bent on preserving redneck cracker culture. There were no highly profitable sports franchises or dirty limerick music labels that stood to make billions off of cracker culture.

But until Dateline and 48 Hours have shows on race that do something other than show how hard it is for a well-dressed African American to get a cab in a big city (where, they neglect to mention, black cab drivers pick up fewer African Americans that white cab drivers, because they are more likely to get robbed by a black customers) and so on, ain't nothing going to change.

The most abysmal situations can occur, the most rabid racism (talking black on white here), the most immoral and insipid business can be run (and people defraudeD) and you will never, ever, ever hear about it, because all of the bad guys happen to have dark skin, so that's not a Dateline worthy news story. Plus, what news program or media conglomerate wants to piss of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and have lawsuits filed against them (for free, for the plaintiff!) by the EOC. "He looked at my funny, cuz I'm black, and I want a million dollars."

3:04 PM  

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