Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No wonder New Yorkers are insane

Here is a view you can keep

One thing I like about NYC is that it is like a holding pen for insane people. They are all herded together in a little knot, reassuring each other that life is FABULOUS. But look at how they live. Imagine the commute to your apartment at the top of some horrible building like that. And I'm just talking about the elevator. Imagine looking out your window and seeing a hot mess of buildings and thinking 'we'll take it!" LOL You just have to be insane to appreciate that.

I really hope global warming does drown them all like rats in a sewer. (Except for my bro, of course. ) Earth correcting an imbalance.


Blogger Junebug said...

Interesting reading that story. I live in a totally different world. Having to make that kind of money to buy that small apartment would be insane.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

Where they live only begins to scratch the surface of the insanity of living in New York. City-wide smoking bans. Trans-fat bans in the restaurants. Commuter taxes. Subway subsidies. Rent control. And on and on and on . . . there's very little to recommend living in New York. At least California is beautiful.

3:10 PM  
Blogger rose said...

Jae you're getting some really neat stuff on here

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Al Czervic said...

Yeah, New York City doth sucketh mightily.

But, having lived in both places, let me say that Chicago, although smaller, doth suckuth much more.

There's one helluva crime wave on there, too -- as NY's is dropping.

Ain't the Daly machine wonderful?

Al C.

1:42 PM  

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