Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins Dixville Notch in a Landslide

Dixville Notch, which hasn't gone for the Democrat since 1968, cast their ballots for Barack Obama in a Dixville Notch landslide early this morning. Obama took it handily, 15 to 6. That's 15 votes to 6 votes, to be clear.

Although I'm preparing myself for a day of exquisite political depression--and, if you have to be depressed about the direction of the country, you might as well plan on savoring it--it is worth noting that in 1968, the Democrat that Dixville Notch went for was Hubert Humphrey. Richard Nixon ended up winning the general election, in a close contest, by just 500,000 votes. 

Vote Palin/McCain! I'm planning on hitting the polls just around 11:30. A short drive, a little Rush Limbaugh on the radio, and I will cast my vote for the guy and gal the pollsters and the MSM are sure are going to lose, and lose big.

Ah, well. If no one ever stood athwart history shouting "Stop!", we never would have gotten The National Review or the legacy of William F. Buckley. So, this time, it might as well be us. 

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