Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama's menu of change

I saw this list on a post on another blog by someone called Michael Smith. I thought it was pretty interesting since it lines up all Obama's promises in a row. Imagine checking off all this insane crap one-by-one as Obama works to create change in America! Can you imagine any other recipe that could so completely lead to the decline and fall of America?

Obama has promised to:
- To raise the top income tax rate
- To raise the corporate tax rate
- To raise the dividend tax rate
- To raise the capital gains tax rate
- To create a new tax on businesses that outsource jobs overseas
- To seize a portion of the oil industry's profits to fund an "energy rebate" (to buy votes)
- To seize a portion of the pharmaceutical company's profits to lower drug prices (to buy votes)
- To "spread the wealth around"
- To eliminate the secret ballot and allow union organizers to bring intimidation and threats to bear directly on anyone who dares to oppose a union.
- To raise the minimum wage by 50%
- To impose "cap and trade" limits on CO2 emissions that will, in his words, "cause electricity rates to soar" and "bankrupt anyone who builds a coal-fired power plant".
- To force all businesses to pay 100% of their employee's healthcare costs
- To complete the nationalization of the healthcare industry
- To impose protectionist trade restrictions by "renegotiating" existing free trade agreements.
- To commit America to funding U.N. anti-poverty programs, so that American taxpayers are not only bled to fund our home-grown bums and deadbeats, but the who world’s as well.
- To raise a “civilian defense force” which, in his words is just as strong and well-funded as our military.


Blogger ZZMike said...

Let's keep that list posted till next year (or so), and see how many of those promises he keeps.

I'm reminded of the old Indian's lament: "He [the white man] made only one promise. He promised to take our land, and he took it."

Obama promises to take much from us, and I fear that he will.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's detrimental to the United States, he'll do it.

Steve D

9:35 AM  

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