Thursday, April 20, 2006

The high crime solutuion:
One down

Heh heh. This is how we fight crime in Indiana:
The victim was, er, armed.

Be sure to read to the end. Pretty funny. I mean, I love the part where the perps claim they have seen people leave for work before. That's a good one.


Blogger Gayle said...

Yep. The victim being armed is not a bad thing.

Problem is, in some states the victim would now be on trial for murder. I'm not kidding, it's come to that. States that come to mind are Massachusetts, Florida and California. Just for starters. I think it was in California where a would be cat burglar fell through a large sun-roof in an attempted burglary, and ended up suing, and winning, because he was injured in the fall. Then their was that woman with the hot cup of coffee she stupidly stuck between her legs, scalding her works, and suing. She won too. Some people on juries are simply brain-dead.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

There's another point here, which is that both the criminals and the victim were apparently African-Americans.

Who benefits most from concealed-carry permits? African-Americans living in high-crime areas, defending themselves against African-American criminals. Statistics would seem to indicate that white affluent gun owners are as likely to be hurt or killed by their gun (or one of their family members) as protected. It's poor folks living in urban areas who actually get real protection from concealed-carry laws. And I thought that liberals wanted to help poor people?

Oh, I guess that's just so long as it doesn't involving letting them protect themselves from thugs and criminals.

11:33 AM  

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