Monday, April 10, 2006

Should dogs with genetic defects be put down?

Meet Bud. Three years ago, Bud showed up here. At the time I had four dogs and I didn't want another but it rapidly became clear to me that this 100-pound, goofy dog couldn't go anywhere else. He promptly began to have grand mal, epileptic seizures for 24-hours at a time.

I began to treat him with $40 per month meds but even so, he never really stopped having seizures.

Today I have three dogs, counting Bud, and the other day Bud, my retarded giant dog, had a seizure while I was gone. My young male dog bit him up pretty good during the seizure. You see him here trying to recover from his nasty wound.

Should Bud be put down?

For three years, he's had food, companionship and a woods to run in. But is he just toooo much of a genetic error to live?


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

It's a hard call. 5 of the 6 dogs I've had have had problems - rescued dogs. I had to euthanize two recently. One was very old and had Alzheimers, deaf, blind and incontinent. The other had been a homless man's dog who had distemper as a puppy - also blind and her health went down badly to the point where she could not keep food down. Another of my dogs got cancer tumors last year. I was thinking of shooting her but I took a chance and treated her with noni for 6 months and she is a new dog.

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