Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Official Anti-Jesus Talking Head: Watch for him on a television program near you!

John Dominic Crossan grew up in Ireland desperately desiring a home.

His parents shipped him off to boarding school early on and they didn't miss him.

He never really knew where he would be going for the holidays since his father was frequently transferred and, in any case, his parents and relatives were never really eager to see him.

When he grew out of boarding school, this sad, dour child went looking for a home and he thought he found one in the Servite order. It was much like the only home he had ever known. Just like the boarding school, there his days was ordered.

But he was never loved. Jesus might have loved him, but he wasn't looking for love from God. He needed humans to love him.

So he became a priest. And he taught in a college, increasingly radicalized in the 60s when even the Roman Catholic Church, which had the responsibility to remain solid as a rock, nonetheless pulverized its traditions and surrendered its moral authority to the great smoke of Satan.

Dominic couldn't endure this. He desperately needed to be a loved and fighting Vatican II did not look like the way to be loved.

Dominic Crossan betrays his vows

With Vatican II gutting the Catholic Church, Dominic now felt he was again orphaned. But instead of fighting to redeem the Church, he joined the Enemy.

First, he started dating and sleeping with a woman at DePaul University, where he was teaching. It was at that time that Crossan decided that if the Church would not hold still and remain his home, he would radicalize with it and he would be more radical than anyone in the Church.

Crossan thus started on his long road to his current life as the Anti-Jesus talking head.

He married the woman and eventually buried her, all the while gathering to himself radical credentials. Finally he arrived at his definition of Jesus:

Jesus was a social worker.

Small man; small God
To that end, Crossan married a social worker and has, at last, acheived his ultimate goal: Union with the Social Worker. A small goal from a small man with a small God.

From this platform he now labors to remove from the world any last vestiges of belief in Jesus as God and DePaul University, an allegedly catholic school, aids and abets him in this endeavor.

This is the pathetic man you will see on the anti-Jesus programs this Easter Season.

Just so you know who he is.


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

What an ugly sadsack.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

It's really a sad story, Woods Walk. Please don't get me wrong... this man could have chosen a different path. I was unloved as a child too, after my first seven years when my mother died, but it didn't turn me into a Christ-bashing idiot. So... I think it's sad.

I've never heard of this guy before this post. I have a bit of an excuse: I've been extremely busy. However, I hope I don't see him on television. I don't want to shoot my television set!

You really did some research, didn't you? I guess I should too. Time does past terribly fast.

Good work. Now I'll know something about him if my TV set lives through it. :)

9:00 PM  

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