Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh Lord!

I thought the bird house on the fence post looked as if it needed to be cleaned out for the year. So I picked it up, opened it up and -- OH LORD HAVE MERCY -- mice jumped out of it.

Mark laughed heartily as I ripped off my jacket. I like mice but I don't like them walking on my arms sudden like.

I felt kind of bad when I saw the mother mouse hanging by her front feet on the farm fence, three little baby mice dangling off her tits, like pelts on a hunter's belt.



Blogger Pamela said...

oh. at first I said yuck.. and then I felt sorry for the little guys

I try to clean my bird feeders every few weeks. to keep the Pox and Salmonella viruses to a minimum. I've never had a mouse tho

2:35 AM  

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