Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saddleback caterpillar

Parasitic wasp cocoons all over our Saddleback caterpillar like Democrats who suddenly discovered family values on Mark Foley. Ewww! To the right you see him in his former glory. The caterpillar, I mean. Nature (and politics) can be unforgiving. And, when it comes to Mark Foley, may he go to jail for a long time, although he will probably enjoy himself.


Blogger Pamela said...

If he just tells them... Hey, I want to be a Boy Scout Leader....

then all will be well with the left.

double standard, you know.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

Great pictures! Perfect pictoral representation of your political based text.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

Thanks, Joseph.

Pamela, He's have to say he was going to become a Democrat. THEN all would be well with the left.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Mushy said...

Love how you incoorporate politics with your wonderful photography.

I'll be back, and, may have to link you soon.

5:22 PM  
Blogger rose said...

Ewh Jae what is that creepy looking bug looks a load of Flies in the larva stage. Good pictures wish I could do that Rose

8:51 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

HEY ROSE! Fun to see you post on MY blog. Love ya!

9:21 AM  
Blogger Miss Trashahassee said...

Yes indeed. Too much fun in jail.

1:33 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL! "I was white trash when white trash wasn't cool." How "cool" is that?!

The picture of the caterpillar is proof that God has a sense of humor!

3:49 PM  

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