Sunday, March 04, 2007

And if you believe that...

Steven Spielberg, noted director and AVID collector of Norman Rockwell, suddenly discovers he has a stolen painting in his collection!

What a shock! He collects Rockwell! But he did not happen to know that this Rockwell had been stolen! Just didn't happen to know that!

Oh, wait, Spielberg's STAFF discovered he had a stolen Rockwell in his collection. His STAFF reported it as soon as they knew it was stolen.

We'll see if Spielberg will be prosecuted for art theft, or, at the minimum, receiving stolen property. But I think he probably commissioned the theft of the painting. Here's why:

The stolen Rockwell happened to be the artist's gullible depiction of Russian school children. (Not Ukrainian school children, of course, because, at the time, Stalin was busy starving and murdering them. Well Russians, too, and Eastern Europeans.)

This fact alone makes me think Spielberg stole the thing. What good liberal Rockwell collector could be without his ideal of the socialist state hanging in his dining room? If the reality of a brutal socialist dictator starving and murdering tens of millions of people doesn't work for you (or maybe you would like to forget it for a while), then maybe you can buy a little fantasy, eh?


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