Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The rest of us poor schmucks

When the radical, fearmongering environmental nuts take over, Gore and Edwards will still have 28,000 square foot houses and they will still (allegedly) buy carbon offsets. But what will poor schmucks like you and I be doing? We will be wearing lots of coats for those days that don't exactly conform to the Global Warming Dogma. Plus, we will all be hiding our fires. We'll have little camp fires, but we'll have to hide them.

Global warming isn't going to be the end of civilization. No, that's going to be up to Gore and his little band of fruitcakes.

Hide your matches and store up coats. Won't be long before the new laws will state that you MUST ride some sort of public vehicle and you can't turn your heat up past 40 degrees. Well, most of us wouldn't be able to afford THAT any way.

Vaclav Klaus is correct: Environmentalists are the greatest threat to personal freedom since communists.

We are getting ready to witness something global, alright. But it's going to be a depression.


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