Thursday, September 06, 2007

I kind of like Fred

I'd like to see Fred answer some questions. Love to see him debate Hillary and Obama.

I tend to think of Hillary as Evita. She's the smart wife of the washed up politician, willing to do anything to stay in power, including commit murder (which I think everyone agrees she has done), to satisfy her ambition. When it comes to policy, she hasn't always pandered to the lunatics, and you can see that in her Iraq policy (yes she has been a switch hitter there, but still...) But on the other hand, the liberals are changing their Iraq policy. Did you see Katie Couric in Iraq? Seems the libs think they are winning and they are in a mighty big hurry to say victory is around the corner.

Obama, on the other hand, is a pampered baby. Brought up on the privileges of racial preferences and shallow expectations, the only thing Obama has had to do is be black and handsome. In short, that's all he has done.

I don't know about Fred. After GWB, I'm hoping for someone who can speak (after all that's the most important part of the job and I'm sick of Bush's inarticulate ramblings). We'll see.

McCain and Giuliani really don't do it for me. McCain because, at heart, he is pandering to the liberals with his anti-free speech political legislation. And Giuliani I don't like because of his stand on abortion. You can't be catholic and be in favor of abortion and Guiliani tries to be both. I hate that more than abortion itself.

I'd like to see more of Mitt Romney and Fred.


Blogger benning said...

Fred's the Man! Mitt is okay, but I'm leaning toward a Thompson/Huckabee ticket. Huckabee's good, but he is not well known outside his home base.

6:17 PM  

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