Thursday, November 08, 2007

Red Scar Over China

Gayle's fascinating post today reminds me that, in China, the generation in power now is the one who killed their parents and grandparents in the cultural revolution, who looted the homes of their neighbors, tortured their own school friends, gutted the universities merely because there were signs of western thought or culture.

China today is literally a country full of sociopaths. They do not know right from wrong.

The fruits of the Chinese revolution: Killing healthy people to sell their organs .... making animal food that kills animals... making toys that kill children.

These people have no soul. It is the one and only lasting fruit of their evil communist experiment, a red stain on China, coming to your neighborhood soon.


Blogger said...

I dunno. I'm still less worried about China, nowadays, than I am radical Islam. China, in order to do much of what they are doing, is slowly having to embrace certain western ideas, and certain notions of capitalism. While still retaining much of Mao's evil imprint, they are at least going in the kind of right direction. There goal is not to kill all the infidels . . . generally, I'm sure there are plenty of sociopaths in China that want to kill the west (and most of the business people in China; they're selling out the dream!) but . . . I dunno. I'm worried about the global penetration of Islamofascists. Those are people who can't even make a toy with lead paint on it. They can't make anything. They can't produce anything, aside from oil from the ground where they have it. But culturally, they are all about jihad. At China is beginning to get into economic westernism.

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