Monday, June 09, 2008

What even liberals already knew: No hetero AIDS threat

Never was a threat of AIDS among heterosexuals in America.


Or is it just possible that a large number of poor people in Africa are dying of lots of other things, but none so politically-correct as AIDS?


Blogger Gayle said...

You raise a good question here, Walker. I don't know, but if a man gets aids through homosexual conduct and then has sex with a woman, he can pass it on to her. It seems hard to believe that that's what's happening on such a large scale, although one never knows.

8:53 AM  
Blogger said...

There is a real heterosexual AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. But there is a reason for it. There is a great deal of promiscuity in the culture, a great deal of men having sex with prostitutes, and lots of 'em, and then going home and having sex with their wives, getting them pregnant (and infected) and then they have AIDs infected babies. Plus, in many tribal and superstitious segments of the population, it is apparently believed that AIDS can be "cured" by passing it into a young boy--via raping the young boy.

Any place you have an AIDS epidemic among heterosexuals, you're going to have tremendous promiscuity (insane levels, and completely unprotected), the frequenting of diseased sex workers (and lots of things are epidemic in sub-Sarahan Africa--herpes, syphillis, VD, etc), and a culture of bi-sexuality, rape as being culturally acceptable, a blind eye turned to chronic pedophilia . . . etc.

It's America's fault, though. We prop up these corrupt regimes and subsidize the continuation of a 3rd or 4th world culture of extreme poverty by sending "foreign aid" that helps fund the lavish lifestyles of corrupt politicians. Oh, but it's not the foreign aid! It's the "blood diamonds"! I call BS on that.

Wonder what the frequency of AIDS among Christians in Africa compared to the general population. Just thinkin'. You know, evil Christianity, with all it's moral codes and oppressive religious stuff.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

This is all very serious stuff - but I truly had to laugh at the Doctors name -- the one who is the head of the WHO's department of HIV/Aids

Me. Oh. My.

10:45 PM  

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