Thursday, July 24, 2008

The breathtaking hubris of King B Hussein Obama

The last line of his speech begins...

"People of Berlin -- and people of the world --..."

Hey, Bud, bulletin: You aren't president yet.

Reminds me of the picture of Little Nancy Pelosi (if you blew her to billboard size) suddenly becoming secretary of state when she stumbled into the speaker role.

What they are doing is suggesting to Obama supporters that the deal is done. They are telling them that if the vote in November isn't 100% Obama, then it's just because America doesn't like uppity niggers. And I think that will be a direct quote from Jesse Jackson.

But, of course, the truth is that not everyone wants a Messiah. Most of us have one, thank you. Not everyone wants an affirmative action puppet to be president. In fact, the recent numbers say damn near even the number of people who want Obama and are against Obama. No one is for McCain but that's a different story.


Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

I think this "pretending I'm already president" thing is a gamble, but a smart one. When you know the press is going to play along, and you know one of your major problems is inexperience (and familiarity as a political figure) vs. the other guy, why not try to run as the incumbent? The incumbent always has an advantage--why not try to create the psychological impression that you are the incumbent president (except you'll do everything better than the real incumbent president), and that you are clearly highly presidential and most of the world and the mainstream media already sees you as president . . . the risk of blowback is real, but it's an intelligent gamble.

However, I'm not sure that America is quite ready for yet another dissembling Clinton type, who has a messiah complex, and is going the Mondale route of promising new taxes for "the rich". The press loved George McGovern, and predicted a landslide 15 point win for John Kerry, as well. Somehow, the press only gets their predictions as to who is going to win elections when the Democrats win. Odd, that.

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