Monday, August 25, 2008

Jimmy Carter announces: Racism will end!

Jimmy Carter told CNN that racism will summarily end if Obama is elected and IN FACT it has almost ended.

Now I know what you are thinking: No more Jesse Jackson! No more Al Sharpton!

So before you run out to vote for Obama so that racism will end, I ask you to consider the following question, proposed to me by Woods Walker's handsome hubby:

When has Jimmy Carter ever been right??


Blogger Fish-2 said...

Hearing "racism" screamed from the headlines of liberal news media will never end so long as there's a big profit to be made by those doing the screaming.

And Handsome Husband has gone straight to the heart of the matter. Somehow Jimmy Carter has managed to be a worse private citizen than he was President.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

Jimmy Carter was right once or twice. He shook hands with me, and my (then one-day-to-be) father-in-law at the graduation of Amy Carter from Memphis College of Art, and he was right to accept that honor from us.

Other than that, I can't think of a time.

But more to the point, all you have to do is pay a little attention to know that the "racism" charge will get worse. It already has. Skim the liberal blogs, and you'll see race injected into everything. And you'll see this equation all the time:

Obama loses, it's because white people are racist and didn't vote for him.

Obama wins, and it's because Obama is great and America has embraced liberalism. But no mention of white people not being racist. A few commentators mention that perhaps enough white people can get over their racism just long enough to vote for Obama, but I'm hearing more about how racist we white people are since Obama got the nod that I had in the previous several years.

The reality is, there are lots of everyday African-Americans who are completely defined by their race, and Obama getting elected isn't going to change anything. It's racism for them when it snows because the snow is white. There are folks out there for whom Obama is not black enough, or not authentically black, so he doesn't count. And on and on.

The race industry is going nowhere. Folks on the left see racism everywhere. I was reading a blog today where one liberal was arguing that we'll never have universal healthcare in America because white people see it as taking money from white people to give to brown people, and those racist white people can't stand it (but they'd otherwise be happy for the government to take, and waste, their money).

My most recent post at my blog is People are Idiots. I cover a number of these sorts of comments from a week or so ago, and these are lefties saying stuff like "whites do not perceive blacks as equally human"--and this is after Obama (who is, as far as I can tell, a black man) had secured the Democrat nomination for president.

The "white=racist" is so deeply embedded in liberal/academic/inside-the-beltway America, it's not going anywhere. Like most things, the more progress that is made, the louder the accusations will be, and the more violent and radical the contortions to make the most inane or illogical thoughts and behaviors seem "racist".

Why are you wearing that white shirt? What's wrong with a brown shirt? Are you racist? I saw that twitch. You are a racist!

Filing a police report after being robbed by a minority will be considered a racist act. "You don't want to help a brother when he's down?"

The accusation of racism isn't going anywhere. Not in my lifetime.

Obama gets elected? Expect the reparations debate to come back. Obama won't instigate and won't commit, but the civil rights industry will see an opportunity to dip their hand in the till, and take it. My prediction. But I also think McCain will win. It'll be close, but not 2000 close.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Junebug said...

I don't think Joe Biden on the ticket is going to do anything to help Obama. I was watching Glenn Beck on CNN and he said that Obama was the No. 1 most liberal senator and guess who was No. 3? Biden. They tout Medicare as a program that has such low overhead and Medicare pays 95% of claims yet has 31% fraud. This is the same system they want to use for national healthcare. We are undone!

11:03 AM  

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