Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Paranoid Express.

Paranoia Point Number One:
I'm afraid to put a McCain sign on my lawn. Really.

See, I agree with Democrat activist James Carville that if McCain wins blacks will become violent. And, unlike the relatively innocent 60s, I think there is an actual, direct threat to white people from black culture that celebrates violence.

The other day my cousin wrote me that her son, whose wife is a doctor, said that 'all the rich people' around them (apparently that wouldn't include her son even though he lives in the same neighborhood -- whatever) threw poop on their Obama sign!

If true, which I doubt, this constitutes the pinnacle of white riots. (At least to date. I imagine if BO screws with 401Ks too much, you might see Republicans in the street.)

See if you think -- off the top of your head -- that black riots will be quite so benign.

Paranoia Point Number Two:

A friend told me recently that he was watching to see if Obama chose the obvious candidate for VP: Hillary. If he didn't, my friend said that it just suggested to him that Obama was a Muslim plant. Whoa.

Not sure I'd go that far,but Farrakahn does think Obama is Jesus.


Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

The groundwork is certainly being laid, isn't it? Poop on an Obama sign I can see . . . actual conservatives showing up and shouting "kill him" in regards to Obama and McCain rallies, not so much. I think those are Democrat plants. And then, lefties are finding folks with Curious George dolls with Obama bumper stickers wrapped around their heads and making them into Klan members and applying the "racist Republican" talking point with a sledgehammer. I mean, I'm seeing a ton of stuff in the press about how racist all the McCain supporters are, and how big a deal racism is, and how much of the resentment against Obama is racist . . .

This has two effects, I think.

1: You're racist if you don't vote for Obama. So vote Obama.

2: If Obama loses, it was, unquestionably and without a doubt, white racism that cost him the election. It could be nothing else. Riot! Show those dirty Republicans!

I doubt Obama is a Muslim plant--oddly, Bill Maher and I agree, when he says about Obama's belief in any kind of God: "I think he's lying." There's no sign that Obama is anything other than an atheist. Even his membership in the Kill Whitey Church didn't start until he saw that it might be convenient for his political career. And he talks about Jesus and the Bible the same way in-the-closet atheist politicians always do. "Um, well, in the Bible, Jesus said help the poor people. And I want to do that by raising taxes on rich people."

If Obama loses (doubtful) and there are African-American's rioting about it, where are those riots going to be centrally located? The blues cities in some of the bluest states. Who are they going to be rioting against in those situations?

Retail stores with big televisions and stereos, and convenience stores with beer, that can be appropriated as a way of salving the wounds of white racism, when Obama lost.

But I can already see what of the effects of an Obama presidency: everything opposed to Obama will be racist. Racism will be endemic. The media will be filled with stories illustrating how racist America is. White people will be told constantly how bad they should feel for being white.

It'll be a long four years.

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