Friday, March 31, 2006

Is she a traitor?

The answer is "yes" -- Jill Carroll is definitely a traitor. She worked for the Christian Science Monitor (this alone tells us a lot since that publication has been relentlessly anti-American for the last 45 years) passing information to that paper and our enemies. But this is legal treachery.

The question is did she cook up this abduction, complete with the murder of her bodyguard?

Two things we know: She gained weight in custody. She is going by an Arab name.

She is almost certainly just another American girl, taught relentlessly that American culture is bad and anything else is good; taught that Christianity is bad and anything else is good; taught that there is no right and wrong that everything is relative. In other words, utterly open to imprinting by a culture that still has a definition of right and wrong, good and bad -- however twisted.

This is why I think if you want to do profiling, you have to find out who the Democrats are and stop them all before they get on an airplane.


Blogger Gayle said...

"This is why I think if you want to do profiling, you have to find out who the Democrats are and stop them all before they get on an airplane."

A fine idea, Woods Walk! Of course it'll never happen, but it's a fine idea anyway. lol!

I was defending her just now on someone else's blog; well, not actually "defending" her. I just said I hoped the sentiment that she is going to write a book about how nice her captors really are is wrong. That she will prove to be authentic. Now I come here and... Wow!

But they did let her go, after all. That's not something they do with their enemies. So, I'm rethinking this. You and Patrick make good points!

In case you don't know who "Patrick" is, he's at:

Blessings! :)

9:36 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

All I can say about Patrick is: Great minds think alike! lol

10:21 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Gayle is much less cynical than me, Woods. She's a big softie. Thanks for linking to me. I have returned the compliment.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Mark Wayne said...

I think your being extreamly harsh on this woman, while she clearly has a template to blame america (she is a liberal after all) I do believe your paranoia is getting the better of you.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

All I'm saying is that the circumstances are suspicious, Mark Wayne! Well, okay, maybe saying she was definitely a traitor was a little over the top.

5:21 PM  
Blogger said...

Definitely a traitor? Perhaps impolitic to say. Just as it's rude to call someone who is obviously unattractive "butt-ugly".

But it seems likely. It's clear where her sympathies lie. But most of the folks over there who get caught are people who don't like America, mistrust the military, and are sympathetic to the insurgency.

Interestingly, while those people would have as soon as slit her throat, if they thought it would have accomplished something, she would probably have remained sympathetic with them, and blamed America while she lay dying. Like the Islamofascist (or as the New York Times Thomas Friedman accurately describes them, the Islamo-nihlists) her devotion is religious, and probably would not be effected by her own murder. Certainly, being kidnapped did not help (but, as you know, she may have been cooperating in that, and was simply fortunate that her trust was not betrayed and she didn't find herself raped and then shot in the head or beheaded).

I don't like war, and I don't know if the War in Iraq was a good idea. But I sure don't think folks like this lady help the cause of peace. Or that the Islamo-nihlists they align themselves with are anything but the most murderous and destructive human beings on the planet, these days.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

I'm taking THAT as a vote for my side. THANKS KEV! You are brilliant as usual.

10:27 PM  

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