Monday, March 06, 2006

The most incredible story isn't being told

The Oscar scene suggests to me that the Hollywood industry could be utterly bankrupted by a gent with a couple hundred million dollars and no political agenda.

It's astonishing that in a time of extraordinary change, when mainstream America is sending its sons and daughters to fight overseas, the movies reflect nothing but that most parochial sexual and political fixations of a spoiled elite.

Good God! Does anyone have a buck or two in the bank? Someone make a great war movie about the liberation of Afghanistan. It's an incredible STORY.

PBS had a series of interview with the special forces guys who went into Afghanistan after September 11. I couldn't find most of the great interviews online now... but some of the stories are there... THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLE STORIES. Check it out HERE.

It's just liberal politics that prevents this movie from being made.


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