Friday, March 31, 2006

Reuters and New York Times admit thousands of errors.

But that ain't news.

The newspapers think this is:

"Rice admits "thousands" of errors in Iraq"


Blogger said...

A lesson Republicans can't learn too often. You can't deal with the press, and the Democrats, like they are above-board, honest folks trying to work towards a solution. You have to deal with them like they are manipulative, exploitive cheats looking for any weakness, any chink in the armor, anything you do or say, to take you down.

If they catch her kissing a baby, they'll run headlines: "Condoleeza Denies Allegations of Child Molestation".

Condie is exactly right, and is giving an honest answer that any person who matches Thomas Sowell's definition of a conservative (one who understands and works within the limits and failings of flawed humanity and the imperfectible reality of the world) would understand.

But liberals and the press thing any admission of anything from any conservative or Republican is another opportunity to destroy them. Any admission that anything isn't perfect. Because that's the standard conservatives have to be held to. Since they aren't liberal.

Certainly gives the lie to the implication that things would be better if only Bush "would admit mistakes". That's a bunch of bullhockey. It's a form of rhetorical manipulation (or, "reframing", in the language of Neurolinguistic programming) that is patently dishonest. They want an admission of mistake, any admission, so they can make it the #1 headline and soundbite for days, every hour on the hour. "Bush admist: Iraq a mistake!"

"Yes, that's right, Talking Head. Bush finally admitted that Iraq was a mistake that no Democrat ever would have made. It's almost like he recommended that everybody vote for Democrats in the next election."

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