Monday, May 15, 2006

Mystery harp players identified - again!

Now Fish is usually right about everything, but in the case of the mystery harp players, Fish just helped to identify them by leading us to the famous Danny Wilson of and currently of the Dave McKelvy trio. Well Mr. Wilson took a look at the mystery harp players and knew immediately who they were. He pointed me to the famed bass harp player, Dick Gardner, the last Harmonicat.

Here's what Mr. Gardner emailed me:
The Harmonica Players in the photo: Bob Sullivan, left. Ctr. Jerry
Kellerman, Dick Gardner, bass on Rt. We were active for over 10 years,
professionally known as ''The Harmonica Hi Hats''. Jerry had a trio in
the army in Germany in the 50's, and formed the Hi hats afterwards. I
joined them in 1959...stayed for 9 years, leaving to join the Harmonicats
in 1971, stayed with Jerry Murad for 22 years...That photo is/was circa
1966...Bob Sullivan died a couple years back, age, 65 maybe?...Jerry and
I are both 71 years old now. Jerry lives in AZ...I live in St.Paul area
suburbs in Minnesota. Still play, still repair, still teach and still
love the harmonica.....Nice to see we are still out there in Cyberland!

Nice to see you guys, too.

And be sure to check out the Dave McKelvy Trio's online mp3s here. And check out the Harmonicats here.

Thanks, everyone! Isn't it amazing that today you can post a mystery photo and end up emailing Danny Wilson and Dick Gardner? So cool.


Blogger Fish said...

Hey, how cool is that!

Just proves even someone as great as I think I am can be off a smidgen from time to time.

But then, those of us that have attained perfection, ain't here.

12:09 AM  

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