Thursday, May 11, 2006

World Renowned Theologian Dr. White explains why the muslims chose Sept. 11

I sent the world renowned theologian Dr. White the link to Chas' blogspot, where Chas has posted an astonishing series of photos on the takeover of Belgian churches by muslims. This is what the famed theologian Dr. White wrote to me:

Europe has been a lost cause for years! They are letting the Muslims do, without force, what they tried to do in the Middle Ages by force, take over Western Europe. Incidentally, I wonder how many Americans, or Westerners for that matter, know the real reason why Al Queda attacked the US on 9/11.

September 11 is a signifcant date in Muslim history for it was on that date in 742 A.D. when Charles Martel, Charlegmagne's father, beat back the Muslim advance into Western Europe at the Battle of Tours effectively ending the Muslim attempt to colonize the continent (Yes, believe it or not, the French had a pair at one time).

The Islamic world has let this humiliating defeat fester like a sore wound for over 1200 years and has allowed it to foster resentment towards the West. The reason that the US was attacked and not France is because the US is the dominant symbol of Western civilization at this time. We need to wake up!

These people want to destroy us and they will not rest until they accomplish their mission. They are a very patient people. It took them nearly 1300 years to plan and implement their revenge against the West. 9/11 was only the beginning and those limp wristed Belgians, along with the rest of white flag Europe, will be next!


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