Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dispatch from Dr. White quotes
despised liberal clerics!

Before I post this dispatch from the world renowned Dr. White, I have to make this editor's note: I despise liberal clerics and Dr. White quotes some!

I despise liberal clerics more than liberal politicians because liberal clerics are the ones who are really responsible for this crumbling world where little morons masquerading as advice columnists in USA Today Magazine counsel teenage girls to give good blow jobs as an alternative to silly virginity.

Liberal clerics did it. Every step of the way they abandoned Jesus in favor of politics. They took Jesus off His throne and began to worship the poor. They stopped believing in sin and started believing that sin was good. They abandoned love and made it luv. So that Christ does not redeem our rotten souls, but instead Christ is our pal who has no conditions for His love, who worries about our self-esteem, who has no opinion about our behavior, save that worst of all sins -- voting Republican.

There are probably conservative Christians even now who will howl: WAIT! Jesus loves us unconditionally.

No, Jesus does not love you unconditionally. Oprah loves you unconditionally. Jesus has commandments. And while you might think that He loves you no matter how many times you break His commandments and how little you love Him, He promises to love you right into hell. You can call that unconditional love if you want, but, to me, there are a couple conditions implicit in that love.

Today liberal clerics are either flat-out libertines advocating group sex as luv or they are feeling a little remorseful about the world they created or they have have become Conservatives -- This, my friends, is the only true destination for Christians.

You can't be Christian and be a liberal. You have to choose your God.

But on to the dispatch from Dr. White:


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