Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Times: A plug for rat holes, traitors,
but - really - what have they done lately?

From Big News:

"I am sick of this bum racket," says the star reporter. "What are newspapers good for, anyhow? Two-minute scandals for a lot of dumb Polacks that can't even read English. And what are they good for after that? Something to put under carpets, plugs for rat holes, wrapping paper for bootleggers, bed quilts for bums in the park and a lot of other things."
(Hat Tip to Newsosaur)

I was a newspaper reporter for nearly 20 years in biggish markets (but not NYC big). I know one thing as well as I know my name (which, here, is a pseudonym, by the way): The Times will swoon with delight about the criticism they are getting about their counter-American articles.

The Times imagines itself part of the insurgency and I doubt many of the Manhattan socialites on its staff even pretend otherwise. The recent series of articles show they have achieved status as the propaganda arm of the insurgency but, as much as they no doubt hope, I rather doubt they have helped the enemy all that much.

Looking at the article, I have to say THERE'S NOTHING IN IT. It's the same blasted story they've been running for the last two years. It's the "no court order to get records" story. Big deal. The story sucks. No one with an ounce of brains didn't already know everything in this freaking story.

I imagine it is just as possible that the Bush Administration planted the article as it is that the Times actually did some legwork and found a disgruntled bureaucrat somewhere who wanted to leak the one single crumb of information the Times cares about. To wit: The CIA didn't get a search warrant to get records.

YAWN. Today you get to read how Times editor Bill Keller is jacking off on how powerful he is.

One thing you have to understand about newspapers and reporters: They are incredibly indolent and stupid. About 98 percent of the Times reporters have a trust fund and, if they didn't, they would be panhandling in Brooklyn.

(The other 2 percent of the reporters are the affirmative action cases who the trust funders intentionally doom to failure. Remember that these days, if you are a white reporter, you have to have two Pulitzers to get a job at the Times. Blacks get a free pass to fail, though, and the trust funders nod their heads knowingly.)

Even the Times, desperate to get some sort of story that would help the insurgency, didn't go out there and actually FIND a story. No... It was handed to them. Probably the Bush Administration already knows who did it. Probably the Bush Administration did it.

Hey, Bill! You're a dumbass and your newspaper probably got taken in a black ops counter-intelligence coup by the Bush Administration. Ninner Ninner Ninner. What a maroon.

The Times just isn't that relevant. They still control TV news, but they are basically a small town newspaper read by trust funders.

(However, I doubt that Bill Mahr and George Clooney will be calling for the death penalty for Bill Keller as they did for Karl Rove.)


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

But it's good for lining the canaries' cage - the ink doesn't come off on their little feet unlike our local rag.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

and to think I took journalism in college those many years ago. ..........and now
I'm blogging about our septic drain field failure. With all that #*@# I would be in fine company at the Times.

ps. Patrick, lining the bird cage with that newspaper is redundant!

10:52 AM  

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