Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My favorite TV family

I just think Matt Roloff is a great businessman and his wife Amy is a fantastic mother.

This couple is the star of my favorite show "Little People; Big World" and it is on one of those cable channels. TLC or something like that. I started watching it because, being a nearly 6-foot tall woman, I have always been fascinated by short people and always wanted to be one. Plus, dwarves are interesting.

But now I catch the show whenever I can because, first of all, Matt is a self-made man and he has big ideas and I'm not trying to make a pun here. The guy thinks big. He has a big imagination and a big personality. One week he'll decide to build a chicken coop just because he thinks it is cool. One time he decided to make a trebuchet to hurl pumpkins! LOL The next week he decides to remodel their entire kitchen to make it Dwarf-friendly and he has some great ideas. While he's at it, he's having the roof repaired and he gets up on there and hammers shingles. The guy can hardly walk! But he wants to try everything.

And Amy is the best. She coaches her youngest kids' soccer team and she is a no nonsense mom. One week she is quoted as saying sometehing like this: "Yes there are people who think the world should change to accommodate us. But I say, just adapt and get on with it." Now that is philosophy for everyone.

I've been a particular fan of Matt's ever since, in one episode, he was out of work and was trying to make their fabulous farm support them. That's the only time I disagreed with Amy. Matt was right on about making the kids who were working for them do actual work for money, even if it was just $20. He said it was a business point. And he was right.

The Roloffs are one of two really interesting dwarf families on that show. If the show had been done in the 70s or the 80s, it would be an hour of crying about how the world is against them. And leave it to Slate to find a whiny prick who will give you a boo freaking hoo lecture about staring. Wah! Wah! My dwarf daughter won't be happy until the entire culture and everybody in it stops staring! Those liberals just love to feel guilty.

But the show and the families are so much better than that. If you've never seen it, try to and get your kids to watch it. They will learn so much about living big and living right.


Blogger Pamela said...

I've not watched it. Sounds like it may be better than what I had it pictured as in my mind.

EGADS.. you're tall !!!
I've wondered if I was tall if I would look at the dust on top of people's refridgerators

10:57 AM  
Blogger jgf said...

We enjoy the show as well. They live not far from us. We have seen Zach and Jeremy around town.

11:40 PM  

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