Monday, November 20, 2006

Those cute little Iranians!

Meet the Press featured Tim Russert chatting with Ted Koppel and Robin Perky of the Washington Post about those adorable little Iranians.

In this program we learned that Ted, whose special is called "Iran: The most dangerous country," doesn't really think Iranians are dangerous. Indeed, he heard a lot of people chanting Death to America, but Ted and Tim agreed that the chant wasn't sincere and just sounded "robotic." Apparently, in order to be sincere, they have to hum a few bars.

Talk about patronizing. My God. Teddy and Timmy actually chuckled throughout the interview about the cute little Iranians. Can't believe a word they say, apparently. The school kids are taught that America is the great Satan and the like, but those kids aren't really listening! They are yawning! This from two people whose party took control of the public schools and were able to make three generations of children HATE their own country. They ought to know education works.

Also, another thing that Teddy learned in Iran was that Iran wants to be a modern country with nuclear energy (something Teddy and his boys don't want for the U.S. -- you do the math.) They really, really don't want to make a bomb. Of course, if they do want to make a bomb, they really want it just because it will give them stature in the world. A farmer in a field told him that so Ted believed him. Not that he would believe one word such a lowlife would utter from a field in OUR country.

You know, I really hope these dopes are correct. Because if they aren't, those cute little Iranians might do just exactly what they say they are going to do. And that would be kind of scary!


Blogger Pamela said...

Chanting death to American and not meaning it.

Well, these guys are probably using themselves as example
Ted and the gang don't chant it

11:16 AM  

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