Thursday, November 09, 2006

I say let them try

Frankly, I'm just exhausted after six years of constant complaining from the Democrats, coupled with the most petulant, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western propaganda campaign since the real Reds (the Democrat's communist buds) took on the U.S. after WW2.

It has been the era of the sore loser.

If we have just been foolishly afraid of terrorists behind every rock, as they say, well then let's just hug the little darlings, sing Kumbaya, and hope they play nice. If all we need to do is talk nice to muslims, as the Democrats say, then let's try it.

One good thing about bringing muslims into the political process, is that -- SURPRISE -- Muslims think a lot like I do: They believe in God; don't think obscenity is your absolute right; don't like abortion; and lots of other real conservative things. Like for example, they also believe in capital punishment -- except they want it for homosexuals and rape victims. I wouldn't go that far.The homosexuals might think I, as a rightwing Christian, am their blood enemy, but, hey, it's not me and the Lutherans who want them executed.

But if we were right and the Muslims have started a world war, it seems the only way to get the Democrats to fight back is to let the Democrats decide to do it themselves. This will require some more of our blood but it seems that is the offering the Democrats demand.

In any case, it might well be the only way to unite the country against the new enemy.

In the meantime, the Nation is calling on the Democrat Congress to "Starve the War Beast" and you think the soldiers didn't get enough body armor when the Republicans were in, they'll be fighting with sticks and stones by the time that mob is through with them.

Yes, we suspect that the Democrats will be poor stewards of the country because they don't like the country (always a bad qualification for stewardship.) But -- SHEESH -- I am just really sick of hearing them whine.

I hope they do a good job.


Blogger said...

They will probably do a decent job, and that can mean on all sorts of things--except the courts. I think we've seen the last of decent advances for rational thought in the judiciary for the time being.

But I think they will do better with a Republican in the Whitehouse. But, I'm a fan of gridlock. I figured a Kerry presidency wouldn't be all that bad, because if Kerry was president now I don't believe for a minute we would have lost the house and the senate. There's something to be said for being clearly in power and doing a crappy job, as far as getting your arse handed to you on election day.

I do worry a little bit about what it might mean as far as winning the war of ideas, which is the political battle I'm more concerned with. A lot of education in regards to the economy, taxation, the judiciary, and so on is still clearly required. Also, the mainstream media is still clearly very powerful--they went all out for the Democrats, and I think it clearly helped in several races.

Will Dick Durbin and John Murtha stop whining? Hah! Will they do everything to screw our troops? You bet! One potential positive is, while gaining many freshmen Democrats, a few long time communists may expose themselves enough that their voters get sick of 'em and kick 'em out. The removal of Tom Daschle alone was an amazing good for this country. If future elections end up getting folks like Durbin and Murtha out of congress, even if the Dem's hold a majority, that will be a very great good.

The Dems seem a little subdued, now that they have power. That's smart. No gloating. Wonder if they will be able to keep it up? Endless investigations to Whitewater Bush will appear (and be) graceless and tactless, and not what the majority of their voters sent them to Washington to do (although DailyKos will be pleased).

9:24 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

At least the voting machine complaints have evaporated. In one instant, the voting process became incredibly honest and accurate! LOL

9:43 PM  
Blogger said...

Yes, indeed. Of course, elections going to the left is seen as evidence that democracy is "working". Elections going to the right are a priori evidence of fraud. I yacked about that before in Democracy Still Works! Thanks,! One of the significant differences (that has both good and bad parts for both sides) between the left and the right is that the Republicans and conservatives don't have the same feeling of entitlement to power that the left does. We don't immediately assume that losing at the ballot box means that there were voter machine problems and fraud, and that a lawsuit is the answer. We generally take responsibility for our losses and sometimes even go overboard blaming ourselves (or our conservative ideology, which I think is wrong, wrong, wrong). But what were major Republicans and conservative pundits doing after Democrats won big? "We lost our way," they said. "We clearly made mistakes." "It's obviously time to re-think our strategies." "We're too disparate, not speaking with a unified voice." And on and on and on.

What were the big Democrats saying after the last several elections in which Dem's repeatedly lost? "Voters were disenfranchised" "The election was rigged" "Voter machines malfunction" "Voter intimidation blamed" "A victory for the Republican noise machine, or just exploiting America's homophobia?" "Republicans are crooks and criminals" and so on. On the plus side, for Dems, any vandalism of campaign headquarters? Any Republican places getting set on fire or having bullets fired in to it, or tire-slashing the day before the election? If so, maybe there's a New Tone in Washington, after all.

11:26 AM  

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