Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dour dopes

I notice the dour, bores at The Nation are this week ranting about NCAA basketball.

Waa! There is corruption! Waa! Some people get beat! Waaa! There are HYPOCRITES in basketball.

Nothing is worse to a socialist than a hypocrite. That's because it's the easiest way to criticize anything. Set lofty standards then say anyone who doesn't live up to those standards in every jot and tittle is a hypocrite.

God knows (and won't they be surprised to find that out!) that their own philosophies could never stand up to their inquisitions. Talk about hypocrisy.

But, back to basketball. Gads... just imagine what life will be like when these whiners get control (and unfortunately it is a matter of time.)

What a world: A godless, humorless place where you can't watch basketball because someone might be a hypocrite. Where some selfish, sanctimonious trustfunders insist that you never have a hamburger again. And you can't drive a car (but, mind you, THEY will) because someone invented global warming. And you can't defend yourself from a terrorist because someone might get hurt (other than you. It's okay if you get hurt.)

And, LORD KNOWS, you have to feel guilty forever because 200 years ago someone had a slave.

Will someone please tell me how they can stand being a liberal (ie socialist)?


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