Tuesday, December 11, 2007

OH that couldn't happen with HERE. Not with Health Care. Nah

I realize it IS nearly Christmastide, but any time is a great time to remember what happens when government gets a hold of an entire sector of the economy.

1933: Stalin in the Ukraine. He starved 10 million to death.

Those warm and fuzzy commies. We should put them in charge of health care!


Blogger kevinwillis.net said...

While socialized medicine has a little good and a lot bad, being a democracy (and a republic) helps a great deal. Even if we get some form of nationalized healthcare (and health insurance, medicare and medicaid have combined to bring us a lot of the problems of single-payer health insurance without the single-payer system), it won't be like Mao or Stalin.

Mao and Stalin are great examples of what happens with the secular humanists are given absolute power: they make the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades look like amatuer hour.

I love the grief folks were giving Mitt Romney for quoting John Adams, who said that "religion requires freedom and freedom requires religion". There is no doubt about that, historically. And, when it comes to slavery, freedom required evangelical Christianity. And decades and, in some places, a century after evangelical Christians had stopped the slave trade and freed slaves worldwide, secular humanism in Russia, then China, was enslaving their own people, killing them in forced labor camps, killing them in purges (of the ideologically impure, never forget) and starving them to death. To the tune of about 30 million people, between Stalin and Mao. Yay, secular humanism!

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