Monday, December 17, 2007

WSJ uncovers a racist bar drink: The White Lady

WSJ had a fascinating article about a cocktail invented by the premier bartender of the jazz age, Harry Craddock, who after prohibition became an ex-patriot. In Britain his reputation soared as Americans became more interested in their cups than ever. So for Americans and for the world Craddock invented the White Lady which, unfortunately, didn't stand the test of time and has been largely forgotten.

Until now! The WSJ last week resurrected the drink and suggested the drink's name might be responsible for its bad fortunes after all the name sounds RACIST.

Really, the WSJ thinks the phrase White Lady has racial overtones. (Apparently that is to be avoided at all cost.)

I'm puzzled. What is it about the phrase 'White Lady' that carries with it unpleasant racial overtones?

Like, for example, will black ladies immediately insist that we create a drink called Black Lady because, if there isn't one now, and if it isn't as famous as a White Lady, then the mixing bar isn't level.

Has political correctness ever reached a level more petty and ridiculous? Stay tuned as we find out who is offended by White Russians!


Blogger said...

In other news, The Lord of The Rings requires quite a bit of revision, as, for example, The White Tree of Gondor needs to be changed to the Moderate Tree of Egalitarianism. Billy Idol's 80s hit, White Wedding, must be re-recorded as "Nice Wedding". The band (and the shark) "Great White" will now be called "Great Rainbow". And, of course, White Russians should be instead called Bolsheviks.

I bet the guy is sorry he suggest that the White Lady might have racial overtones. It's insane! Although, I shouldn't be surprised--I am forever amazed at what people think and, if you think American's don't know much about the outside world (and liberals think we don't), read some of the things the average European has to say about us--they are completely clueless. "The reason all you Americans don't like Blu-Ray is because it's made in Japan and you hate black people because you're the only nation that had slaves because you're so patriotic." That's almost a quote I read discussing the HD DVD/Blu-Ray battle. Yikes! No wonder there's so much political correctness--because so much of the world is, in varying degrees of combination, completely ignorant of history, immune to logic, and insane.

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