Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thank God the globe is warming

Ice, then snow, then ice, then snow.

I probably should have taken that hummingbird feeder in this winter.

We got what looks like about 5 inches of snow. Indy got less and I got a kick out of Hoosier Boy who says the hysterical weather predictors who said we were going to get 12 inches of snow were off by a factor of "several hundred percent." He points out that scientists can't manage to predict the climate with their precious computer models 12 hours in advance, much less, 1200 years in advance.

He makes this great point:
"Oh, Hoosierboy, a consensus of scientist agree we are facing apocalyptic climate change that will destroy our planet. Well a consensus of weather experts also said I would be looking at a foot of blowing drifting frozen and crystalized water clogging my driveway this morning. A consensus of scientists believed our planet was flat at one time. A consensus of scientists believed the Sun revolved around the Earth. Heck, a consensus of some of the greatest thinkers in history believed the sun was pulled through the sky by Apollo in his golden chariot. The same scientists who are now ringing the alarm bells of global warming were in agreement a few decades ago we were faced with a coming ice age that would doom our planet, our civilization, our way of life. The computer models said so."


Blogger said...

Computer Models Predicting Global Climate are worthless. And there's an easy test for it: objective entry of data from the eighties and nineties don't correctly predict global climate in the late 90s or 2000s. We demonstrably prove that the computer models innacurately predict global temperatures that we know for a fact (since they are biased to find global warming, most of them, if kicked up from the weather data we have from the 50s, predicts that the planet is a ball of fire now).

The watchwords is now Climate Change, more than Global Warming--so if it gets colder, it's a manmade disaster, and if it gets hotter, it's a manmade disaster. And it would be more accurate--a global increase in mean temperature means it can be colder all over the place, yet the planet is still getting "hotter". However, even if we were suffering from manmade global warming, would it be that bad? Would it put New York underwater? New York would be under a greater threat of glaciers, if we were to experience a second ice age than ever being under water. There's no direct evidence that the melting of the ice caps would actually flood anything. Any ice broken off and not on land is already accounted for in sea levels. Land ice may be absorbed into the ground, or introduced into the air--meaning more rain for the deserts, perhaps, but not appreciably higher sea levels. But we don't even know what the global average rise would have to be to actually melt the ice caps! 10 degrees? 20? Hotter than it's been in a gazillion years? I don't know, and neither does anybody else.

BTW, there's a much easier way to tell that Global Warming is a big fat fraud than all the science and logic: the folks propounding it want to regulate you, tax you, and sell you indulgences in the form of carbon credits. Anytime that happens with anything, it's almost guaranteed to be a scam, people!

BTW: climate disaster. Anyone who has ever weathered disasterous weather--hurricans, tornados, blizzards--know that most of the time they aren't predicted. If they are predicted, there's limited warning. Only now are we getting to the point where we can predict certain kinds of storms might become hurricans and where they might hit a day or so in advance. We've had straight line winds do hurricane-level damage down here before, and when they do, nobody predicts anything. Nobody knows until it hits. But these same fallible human beings can tell me what the global climate is going to be in a hundred years . . . and blame it on me? Sheesh.

BTW, the media is also in on this big time. Most people are dubious global warming. Only kids who have been taught it as gospel and lockstep liberals really believe it.

9:59 AM  
Blogger said...

I did a five-part blog on Global Warming several months ago. For anyone interested in my rantings, check out my comparison of Global Warming to Teen Slasher movies.

I also blathered on about the the myth of consensus, because, friends, the idea that consensus is scientific, and that there is a consensus about global warming, is a myth.

10:03 AM  
Blogger hoosierboy said...

A huge thanks for the link and kind words.

11:58 AM  

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