Friday, March 07, 2008

Morning treats (50 seconds)

Who cares about this crap? No one. Nonetheless, here it is. This is the equivalent of Patrick and Chas' farm report, only a tad less diverse in the animal kingdom. And by the way, we haven't seen any farm reports from Robin's Wood in a while. What gives? You boys are entirely too consumed with the election. Or maybe the farm is boring during the winter?

My morning treats video is just to prove I have plenty of dogs left, albeit none as sweet as Maggie May. Fiddle is new to the group. I just found the silly, hungry hunting dog in the middle of a cold cold winter. She blends perfectly into snowy woods but since she howls like the hound dog she is, the camouflage isn't exactly useful.


Blogger Junebug said...

Fiddle dee-dee! Ha ha. So cute.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I was going to say that Junebug!

3:07 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Actually, it's the other way around. We've been too busy on the farm on the weekends to do farm reports.

10:03 AM  

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