Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's a short step for the Pulitzer committee

Here is the work of Michael Ramirez who won a Pulitzer for his 'provocative' work.
Check it out. For the most part, the cartoons (representing a body of work) were conservative and this is good.

But it is as close as the Pulitzer committee will EVER come to recognizing conservative thought and Ramirez, who is more conservative than most, is still not, in my opinion, as sharp or biting as Glenn McCoy, who, though great, is both white and conservative and thus will never work for the Washington Post because he ::sniff sniff:: smells like a Republican. (Ramirez works for Investor's Business Daily)

The Pulitizer committee was 'provoked' by Ramirez but they are absolutely apoplectic when faced with Glenn McCoy, who will always work in Belleville Illinois, thank you, because if Ramirez is provocative, Glenn McCoy is a hate crime. Short step. The Pulitzer committee does not like too much of a challenge, thank you


Anonymous Al Czervic said...

Excellent cartoon! Bravo for finding and blogging it.

Al Czervic

12:12 PM  

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