Monday, April 21, 2008

Kevin Willis on Danica Patrick's win (Lord she finally won something)

Remember what Rush Limbaugh said about the press being eager for a black quarterback to do well because he was a black quarterback. Same thing, basically. It's about multicultural milestones, rather than actual achievement.

The larger problem in the overall culture is the devaluing of men, boys, and maleness. Women can achieve almost anything, and enjoy equal rights and respect, without trashing men and masculinity. But feminism generally, and gender politics, is all about trashing men.

I remember several years ago hearing on NPR some feminist psychologist discussing how there might eventually be mandatory estrogen shots for men and boys to make them "better"--less agressive (ha!) and more "balanced" (ha!) and so on. Yet when I brought this obviously idiotic statement up with some chicks who considered themselves feminists, they all said I was making it up. No feminist had ever said anything like that! Who was I going to believe, them or my lying ears?

I went to art school, which was full of feminazis. I remember one Canadian uber-feminist did this huge drawing of herself as a clawed harpy, on top of her boyfriends back, talons embedded in it. Sheesh! Even one of my more liberal (male) friends just shook is head. "If some chick did something like that with me . . . "

The feminists at art school also boycotted life drawing classes, because the teacher (another very liberal guy) had been using some classic 17th and 18th century nudes as examples of line and form. That was sexist! That gender-exploitive art from the Renaissance and after should all be redacted!

One of the many reasons art school was the beginning of the end of me considering myself a liberal.


Blogger Walker said...

This ADHD fixation is also part of the overall anti-male culture. By God, if they act like a boy, drug them up.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

That's exactly right. It's defining maleness, and masculinity, as pathological conditions to be treated.

Never mind that the "typically neanderthal" male behavior that feminists (and many women, easily coaxed into believing that male characteristics are flaws while female characteristics are benefits) complain about are made worse, not better, by the anti-male culture. There are more of the agressive, immature, tantrum-throwing, acting-out man-boys now than in the days when the overall culture celebrated and cultivated mature masculinity.

Now were mostly left with immature frat-boys and pussified mega-wimps, and very few responsible, maturely masculine men.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

What the adversary is shooting for with this lie (feminism) is to produce a nation of anarchist females and effeminate, gelded males: The historic stage of culture in an empire's collapse.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

Ted, and that is a goal close to being achieved.

Kevin, have you ever watched beer commercials during a pro football game. THEY ARE ALL ANTI MALE. It is weird. They all promote men as being, stupid, clumsy, idiots interested only in beer. How is it you can sell a product to people by telling them they are stupid to use the product??


Remember the old beer commercials -- you might be too young. Utterly different approach using fishing, camping and even family activities.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Beer is being marketed to man-boys, who respond to that sort of depiction of manhood--all the glorification of male horniness, aggressiveness and testosterone, without any of the balance, leadership, initiative, firmness, stoicism and commitment that comes with mature masculinity.

It's the options we're given in the larger culture. Socially retarded frat-boy or incapacitated gelding, waiting for orders from the matriarch.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Fish-2 said...

Well I'm a feminist. No, wait, I'm male. Never mind.

There is always an insecurity in a person that can only feel empowered themselves by putting down someone else. Real women don't need to put down men, and real men don't need to put down women. Each is comfortable in their own selves and gender.

12:15 AM  

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