Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Morning! Is it really Saturday? What a relief!

Even Fiddle Faddle had a long arduous week with all this campaign crap.

I got my first political survey today. Will I vote for the Democrat candidate for governor?, asked the enthusiastic young volunteer. No, I said. But how about Barack Obama? (It's so obvious to her that everyone is voting for Barack Obama that she already has the blank filled in.) No, I said. Oh. Okay. You get the feeling she doesn't bother to erase her first mark. These people are overconfident.


Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

They are indeed. You can see it's going to be a close election. I can see that. Obama could win . . . but it's hardly a sure thing. He's got lots of downsides, and few positives. Most of the base loves him, and he's been running a competent campaign, viewed objectively.

But he's got a lot of overcome, and the progressive world doesn't ever do it's favored candidates any favors--the attacks on Palin have been nothing short of breathtaking. While Obama hasn't been going there much, boy the pundit class has, and it has been misogynistic, anti-feminist--she a woman with children! She doesn't have time to be Vice President!--and outright anti-family.

Her daughter is pregnant, and that proves that abstinence education doesn't work! And that she's a bad parent! And she can't run her own family so she shouldn't run the country!

Meanwhile, Obama has ABC news reporters looking into the folks underwriting his campaign thrown into jail, and the progressive pundit class shrugs.

The fact is, the media always overhypes the liberal. Always. Sometimes, other factors end up making them correct (they would have been wrong about Clinton, if not for Perot)and sometimes circumstances make them correct--Billy Carter, Al Gore to some extent. But they are always in the tank for the liberal, and even a stopped clock is right twice a day. They may be right this time, but with Palin on the McCain ticket, I don't think so. Real conservatives win landslides, and McCain isn't the real deal, but his running mate is, and elevating her to the national stage can only be good for conservatives (even if she has a 17 year old daughter having a baby--a tragedy, it is, the likelihood of a live birth).

One final thought on Palin, before the polls really start reflecting the effect of the choice: I feel like the Democrat doth protest too much. I've been lurking on the liberal blogs, and the attacks are brutal and unrelenting. Would they really be on the warpath about the Republican VP pick, unless they found it threatening?

Of course, they tried this with Dan Quayle, and it didn't work then. And, frankly, Palin is a lot more articulate than Dan Quayle. When it comes to real-deal, Kentucky fried conservatives, I think Palin is it. Yes, she's gone after members of her own party--but not for the same reason McCain has. She's gone after them as a waste-cutting conservative. Not as a bridge-building liberal. She's exactly the kind of maverick we need on the national stage. She doesn't go after conservatives for the crime of being conservatives, but she does go after Republicans for being truly corrupt--and there are some corrupt Republicans out there. Most of them are RINOs. We could do without them. And Palin may help us there, too.

We'll see. The left has been really righteously indignant about the Palin pick--she believes God created the world in 7 Days! She doesn't believe in man-made global warming (a view they seriously believe is, get this, unscientific)! But they went after Dan Quayle firing both barrels, and look where it got them? Bush handily beat Dukakis.

Obama? Dukakis? Could be.

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