Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Question: What's more important?

Hoosier Boy asks a good question:

What is more important, Sarah Palin's daughter being knocked up and her husband's arrest for DWI more than 20 years ago, or The Obama's close association with a known and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres?



Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

Bill Ayers. Rev. Wright. Tony Rezko. four half-brothers (almost all of them living in abject poverty--least among us, indeed) from the multiple bigamist marriages of his Kenyan father.

It's fascinating how quick the MSM is to attack Sarah Palin and her family on every front, when Barrack has so many interesting family issues, and worked on socialist school curriculums with unrepentant domestic terrorists. And then resorts to thuggery to keep reporters from digging into exactly what it was Barrack and William Ayers were doing together.

Barrack's cocaine usage and reefer smokage? Yawn. Todd Palin's DUI arresr when he was 22? Over two decades ago? Big news! Four impoverished half brothers from a bigamist father that Obama has shown no interest in over the years? Yawn. Nothing remotely hypocritical there. Youngest daughter pregnant and keeping the baby? Big news! Clearly made up left-wing kookerism about Trig being her oldest daughter's baby, rather than hers? Big news! Must be real, left wing bloggers said it!

And yet--and this amazes me--lefties commenting on lefty blogs, and even respectable left-of-center bloggers, think that the MSM is conservatively biased. They think the MSM is largely in the tank for Republicans. They seriously, really believe that. It amazes me to no end.

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