Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you voting for Barack Hussein Obama because he is a good looking black man? Great! You are just like most of his supporters!

If you wonder why Barack Hussein Obama switched from Barry Hussein Obama (the name he used throughout most of his life), here is a theory. He looked white, 'talked white', and thought just like guilty, angry, elitist white professors at Harvard and, hey!, this wasn't going to play to the Harlem crowd! If he couldn't sound stupid and ridiculous, how was he supposed to prove he was black enough. Well, easy, adopt a weird name and flaunt his Muslim credentials. Muslims are considered way black enough. And they all talk white.

But what about whites? Barack Hussein Obama gambled, correctly, that shallow, guilty white leftists would fall in line and support him no matter how much he appeared to hate whites. In fact, he thought hating whitey would really help him with the white Democrat vote.

And he was right.


Blogger Kevin S. Willis said...

That's so awesome. It confirms what I've always suspected in regards to how Democrats get elected and how they stay in office. The voters that put them over the top or the folks who have no idea about what's going on or what their positions are, but they like the Democrats because Hollywood says so or the MSM is nice to them or because their parents were Democrats or their best friend is a Democrat, and they'll just rationalize whatever when it comes time to vote.

12:50 AM  

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