Monday, October 13, 2008

The Economy Trumps Race

According to Time. Because if the economy weren't so bad, all of us crackers out here in flyover country would just vote for the white guy. That's just how we are.

Ezra Klein puts it in interesting terms, saying explicitly that McCain will win whites but lose the presidency. If this happened, he would be the first candidate in US history to do so.

Given that Non-Hispanic whites are 68% of the popluation and African Americans are 12%, with Asians and Hispanics coming in at 5% and 15% respectively, how, exactly, does that work? Figures from Wikipedia, but feel free to use your own sources, you'll come up with similar numbers. Even if you throw in ACORN registering dead voters, much of the zombie vote will still consist of white people.

Obama may well win the election, if current tracking polls are any indication, and given the bi-partisan Communist agenda going on with congress and the current administration, I'm not sure it'll be that much different one way or the other (Walker may disagree). But he will have to win the white vote to do it. A president may well be elected without a majority of the white vote in 2050, but in 2008, you still have to win the caucasians to become president.

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Blogger Walker said...

I definitely agree that the congress has some communist surprises in store for us. It won't matter if McCain is president. McCain likes a lot of those communist things, anyway.

What interests me is what the GOP will do during the switch to communism. Will we become motivated? Will we march? Will we make trouble? Will the GOP states try to secede? Will there be a civil war?

I want to buy a couple handguns, just in case we have to defend ourselves.

But anyway, I'm paranoid.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

Could be. One you got your guns, you might want to stockpile ammunition.

I imagine we'll go quietly into the socialist good night, ala quasi-socialist European states. The biggest upset is going to be a freshman sweep of the house and senate in 2010, if anything.

Was reading on Wikipedia, and the numbers there suggest that LBJ was the last Democrat to get a majority of white votes. Huh? I mean, Wikipedia may be wrong, but, if it's not, how does that work? White people just aren't showing up to vote? By that math, whites would have to vote almost 2/3rds less than other ethnic groups. I don't get that. Ross Perot might have split caucasians in 1992 and maybe 1996, but I think the Wikipedia numbers may be inaccurately copied from 1992. Otherwise, the math just doesn't seem to work, to me.

1:40 PM  

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