Monday, October 13, 2008

What A Relief! McCain Will Steal the Election!

Well, not quite. According to one of the many braniacs at PuffHo, McCain will claim the election was stolen from him to rob Obama of his mandate.

Gotta love the left. He recites the popular Republican "myth" of the 1960 election being stolen by Kennedy, and says none of it is true, without offering evidence to support this assertion.

McCain will do the same thing, by accusing poor, put-upon ACORN of voter fraud, even though this guy says ACORN has never done a single thing wrong, ever.

What happened to all the Diebold Voting machines the Republicans were using to steal elections? Why is there no real, recent discussion of how Republicans plan to steal the election with all their rigged machines?

Sounds like this is a set up to discredit (or prevent) any Republican lawsuits against obvious voter fraud, via ACORN, that helps to ensure Obama wins the election.

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Blogger Walker said...

Of course, Kevin, you could not have failed to notice that every single complaint the right has with the left is mimicked by the left. The media is left biased, we complain and suddenly the left screams the media is biased. We complain about demonstrated vote fraud and the left screams that we are responsible for vote fraud.

Is there an actual political theorist that proposed this mimicry as a tactic? Or is this just the left's typical behavior?

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

I think folks on the left are largely serious about their objections. Because they view the world differently. Because they view their own ideology as correct and true--no matter how far left they are--anything that isn't as far left as them is exhibiting a rightward bias. Thus, they really believe that the media is in the tank for McCain! Just covering McCain is proof of a prejudice toward McCain. A lack of sufficient fawning over Obama is bias. Not putting an asterisk next to every story that says "Let it be understood, conservatism is inherently morally bankrupt and Republicans are evil at hate everything good" means that story has a rightward bias. I'm amazed at how many liberal bloggers get accused by readers of being in the pocket of the GOP noise machine or being covert Republicans because they aren't far left enough for the commentors.

When it comes to voter fraud, they believe that they are natrally right and correct, so if they ever lose an election it's proof of voter fraud (because there is no way they could have legitimately lost) or racism, or is a more general failure of Democracy. I must've read a dozen articles on the massive failure of Democracy the Republicans getting the house and senate (triumph of mobocracy) in 1994 and when the Republicans had all three branches of government. And I'm sure there were many more.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

" I'm amazed at how many liberal bloggers get accused by readers of being in the pocket of the GOP noise machine or being covert Republicans because they aren't far left enough for the commentors."

Kind of like evangelical Christians for whom there is no proof strong enough that they are speaking to another Christian. They are forever testing each other's Christianess. Praise Jesus! No, PRAISE Jesus! Really, Praise Jesus Hallelujah! I see your Praise Jesus Hallelujah and I'll raise you two hallelujahs..

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Kevin S. Willis said...

Exactly. C.S. Lewis wrote about that, I think. I just give up. "You are, no doubt, a much better Christian than me. The battle is over."

On a completely different topic . . .

My Memetrics Post on Anti-Palin T-shirts. Short and sweet. In case you don't subscribe to my RSS. ;)

8:56 PM  

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